Test Your French with a French Joke. Un canard entre dans une épicerie et demande au patron: “Vous avez de la nourriture pour canards ?” Le patron répond «Nous n’en avons pas. Ici nous vendons de la nourriture pour les gens. »

It’s hard to resist a recipe with such a saucy sounding name! If it conjured up visions of gypsy dancers with flashing eyes you wouldn’t be far wrong, because zarzuela (sar-soo-EH-lah) means operetta or variety show in Catalan.

John B, owner of ‘Esperluettes’, is a lovely, chatty, sociable Scot, with a great sense of humour! Back in Saint Cyprien from a busy and stressful job in Saudi Arabia, he has finally achieved one of his life ambitions…..to own a small Picture Framing, Arts and Crafts Shop.