UK Prime Minister Theresa May delivered a major bombshell on Tuesday morning when she announced the intention to hold a snap election on June 8th. The news sent shockwaves through the currency market and sent the pound to a succession of multi-week and multi-month highs.

Many British investors tend to favour UK assets in their portfolio, even when living in France. They prefer to own shares listed on a FTSE index or corporate bonds issued by UK companies. Indeed UK advisers often structure their clients’ portfolios this way, but that may not be the right balance for you.

We asked just how much the Brexit vote had affected you as we celebrated (or commiserated) its three-month anniversary. The majority of you (63%) claimed that since the shock decision, Brexit had impacted you negatively…

If you own, or are buying, a property in France and spend time here each year, you need to understand the rules about residency in France and the UK, so that you comply fully with the correct tax regime. Getting it wrong could cause problems with the taxman later, or result in you paying more tax than you need to.