ASPA – pension allowance (last updated April 2009)

UK pensioners in France may now qualify for French state benefits of up to 467 euros per month due to the poor exchange rate pushing some expat pensioners below the poverty line. They may also be exempt from income tax, taxe d’habitation and TV licence (audio-visuelle). The ASPA (allocation de solidarite aux personnes agees) is similar to the UK’s pension credit scheme. If your income is no more than €648 a month for a single person or €1,136 a month for a couple you may well be entitled to be topped up monthly to these amounts. You should apply for this allowance via your local ‘mairie’. They may tell you that they know nothing about it, so ask them to find out for you by contacting SASPA – the passing on of the correct information and the organisation of the allowance is their responsibility so do not be fobbed off!


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