Attention! Yet another scam doing the rounds!

Local gendarmes are keen to get the message out : beware scam artists are operating in our area!

Robberies have been reported in Saint Cyprien, Canet en Roussillon, Ille sur Têt and Corneilla del Vercol, with thieves targeting the elderly, in broad daylight, in their homes.

The perpetrator(s), using a false identity, create an extremely believable scenario to divert the attention of the victims. They then take advantage of the situation to search the premises and steal valuables, often without anyone noticing a thing!

Each time, the details of the scam are slightly different, but usually involve groups of 2 or 3 individuals claiming to be representatives of Orange, EDF, Enedis or other utility providers.

One victim even reported that the scam artists requested to see his cheque book in order to “give him a discount”!

Remember : never let strangers into your home.

Utility operators will NEVER ask to enter somebody’s home without contacting them or notifying the municipality beforehand. If in doubt, contact the alleged utility provider or your local police municipale.

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