Attestation de déplacement : accepted on smart phones from 6th April

As of Monday 6th April, you will be able to choose between printing off/copying out a paper attestation or producing a digital certificate on your smart phone.

The digital form will be available online from Monday via the government website.

How it works

You will be able to edit the form directly from your smartphone, no need for printers or pens. The form will then be converted in a QR code (like a digital bar code) that the police will be able to scan.

You will have to enter all the same information as with the paper form but in a bid to prevent fraud, the QR code will also display the time that you filled in the form.

No files are created or stored meaning your information remains private and safe. And thanks to the QR code, police officers and gendarmes will not need to touch the phone, they will only need to scan the screen.

With the Easter holidays beginning as of the end of today, the government is keen to reiterate just how important the confinement rules are.

Here’s a reminder (not that there’s much chance of forgetting!) :

  • Travel between home and place of work, when it is essential for professional activities that cannot be conducted remotely or postponed
  • Travel to purchase supplies needed for professional activity or basic necessities in authorised establishments
  • Consultations and treatment that cannot be provided remotely and cannot be postponed, including consultations and care for patients with long-term conditions
  • Travel for compelling family reasons, to assist vulnerable people or for childcare purposes
  • Short trips of up to one hour per day and within a maximum radius of one kilometre around your residence, either for individual physical activity or for the needs of pets
  • Judicial or administrative summons
  • Participation in missions of general interest at the request of the administrative authority

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