Hospitalidee offers visitors the chance to evaluate their hospital experience and read about the experiences of others.

Independent website hospitalidee asks to you to give your honest opinion and marks on your hospital stay, treatment, doctors, nurses, equipment, hygienic….

Marks on hospitals are split up into 6 sections: staff, medical care, attentiveness, safety, clarity of tariffs, services and general ‘accompaniment’ (ie. smoothness of administrative procedures). There will also be an area allowing you to chat with patients who have already used a hospital or medical service that you are considering.

According to the site introduction ’Sa vocation est de libérer la parole des patients et faciliter leur décision quant au choix de l’établissement de santé vers lequel se diriger.’

Visitors will not be allowed to mention specific medical staff by name, and moderators will keep a strict eye on comments.

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