Mountain Mama Mumbles

Mountain Mama, Jenny Rhodes, perhaps best known for her winter snow reports, lives up in the beautiful Pyrénées mountains in the town on Les Angles.

With her husband, Mike, they run snow shoeing expeditionswhen weather conditions- and lockdown conditions- permit!

She also shares her thoughts on life in the mountains with us from time to time. Here’s the latest…

Hello from the heights

Well guys, did we ever see our lives turned around and changed in such a short time? Will our lives return to the same or will we all come out the other end much better people? It would be good to think we have lived to see the light and improve our lives for the future.

So, a few mutterings from Les Angles up here in the mountains.

At the beginning of this lockdown there were hardly any house lights in the village at night. Slowly over the weeks more and more houses have been lighting up at night as “townies” have crept up and moved in.

Most are keeping themselves to themselves which is fine, although one chap got thrown out of the bread shop a couple of weeks ago because he was telling people he had come up at midnight. Presumably so he wouldn’t be seen by the police.  Needless to say he left breadless.

We have all seen on Facebook the cartoons of dogs and owners getting excited when someone comes down the road. I have to admit I now check on every movement in our road. We live at the bottom of an impasse so anything, any sound any movement has my undivided attention. The other day it was the road sweeper. I was delirious with excitement. He graciously swept up and down our road a few times. I was in raptures.

I am even watching the builders who are still working across the valley. It’s the only noise in the village.

I read this morning that there is a petition going round for people to return to the hills. Never understood why they stopped it in the first place. Where better to blow away the cobwebs and breathe in some wonderful fresh air? There are many people up here whose businesses depend on access to the mountains and need the space to train, exercise and keep pathways open. Even ordinary Joe Public needs to get out there and breathe again.

Mike received a message this morning saying that a friend had just sorted out all his wayward screws and nails into separate boxes. I was gob smacked when Mike said he had been thinking of doing exactly the same thing. Please don’t let me stop you, Mike, I’m sure it will be beneficial in the long run. I am going to attack the cupboard under the sink.

It is important to keep something exciting to do tucked up your sleeve.

It would be nice to hear of all the weird and wonderful jobs you have undertaken over the past few weeks, to give other folks ideas: paint the pantry, paint the downstairs loo or just go through old photos (now that is a lovely thing to do).

So guys take care, stay safe and just enjoy the peace and quiet

Love from Mountain Mama

les angles

Jenny’s husband, Mike,  is a qualified International Mountain Leader/Accompagnateur en Montagne and is one of the most experienced leaders in France, having walked and climbed in the Alps & Pyrénées for over 40 years.


Jenny and Mike also offer comfortable accommodation in their delightful barn conversion apartments on the edge of the old village of Les Angles.

Contact Mike & Jenny Rhodes on 04 68 04 37 28 or email:



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