Walking Tips in Hot Weather

If you go out walking on the plain or in the mountains….

…. Start early in the morning to avoid heat and afternoon storms.

…..Never go out without plenty of water and a light raincoat.

…..Do not go over 1600m altitude unless you have mountaineering experience.

…..Do not overestimate your physical abilities.

…..always leave your destination and itinerary with family or friends if you go alone.

Identifying Markers

There are a number of walks and rides in the region that have been marked out with different coloured paint strokes to represent varying difficulty or activities.

 ♣ Walking

Yellow paint stroke : short walk (petite randonnée)

Red and yellow paint stroke: Cross country (Tour de Pays)

Red and white paint stroke : long walks (grande randonnée)

♣ Horse-riding

Orange circle

♣ Mountain biking

Two yellow circles and a triangle to indicate direction.

♣ Private roads and track bearing the sign “Proprieté privé – défense d’entrer” should only be used with the permission of the owner.

♣ DFCI tracks (Défense contre l’incendie) are situated at regular intervals in most forest areas. These are for the fire engines in case of emergency and are strictly forbidden for unauthorised motorised vehicles. Walkers bikers and horses may use these tracks unless there is a fire warning, high winds etc.


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