It could be a #pingcall, in which you are connected to an international hotline which charges just for connecting, along with high per-minute fees for as long as they can keep you talking. Caller ID will look as if the call is coming from 01, 02, 04 etc instead of the expensive 0 899. These charges will show up on your bill as premium services. (surtaxée.)

  1st November   Here in Catalonia, All Saints’ Day and the evening before are known as the Castanyada, (’Fête de la châtaigne’ in French) meaning Day of the Chestnut. Traditionally, ‘castanyes’ (roast chestnuts) are…

With winter settling in and Christmas fast approaching, I’m planning to send some money to family overseas. But I’m worried that I might lose money with all that’s happening with currency values at the moment. How can I make sure I get the best rates and transfer at the right time?

Clios, Méganes and Twingos – most stolen and vandalised

According to the association “40 millions drivers”‘s 3rd annual survey, the cars most stolen and vandalised in the department are the Renault Clio 1 (phase 2), the Megane 2 (coupé cabriolet) and the Twingo.

Roofless witches The Pyrenees are full of stories and legends, particularly of ‘encantades’ (enchantresses) and ‘bruixes’ (witches). Superstitious Catalans were fearful of ‘bruixes’ landing on their homes, bringing bad luck. They solved the problem by…

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