Get out and about this summer with transport from just 1€

After being confined to 1km for the past few months, make the most of your new-found freedom with cheap train travel across the region.

From the weekend of 6th June, the Conseil régional is adding thousands of new 1€ train tickets and launching other special public transport offers between 2€ and 5€.


The 1€ train tickets already existed on TER lines but were limited to a certain number of seats and needed to be booked in advance. These will be multiplied over the summer season, opening up a range of exciting destinations to a greater number of travellers.

5 lines will also operate 100% 1€ tickets during the summer months. Yes, all seats will be charged at just 1%, even if you buy tickets at the station before boarding!

These lines are:

– Nîmes – Le Grau-du-Roi
– Carcassonne – Quillan
Perpignan Villefranche Vernet-les-Bains
– Marvejols – La Bastide – St-Laurent-les-Bains,
– Beziers – Bédarieux – St Chély d’Apcher


The 1€ bus is well-known to wily travellers, particularly skiers who head up to the slopes in winter without the burden of driving themselves.

And for summer, the network is extending! Bus travel to destinations across Occitanie will be capped at 2€, although many journeys will be the usual 1€.

More details to be announced this week.

Bon voyage!

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