During World War II the majority of RAF Evaders made their escape or passed through France on their way from Germany and Occupied countries, heading for the coasts in an attempt to return to England.

John B, owner of ‘Esperluettes’, is a lovely, chatty, sociable Scot, with a great sense of humour! Back in Saint Cyprien from a busy and stressful job in Saudi Arabia, he has finally achieved one of his life ambitions…..to own a small Picture Framing, Arts and Crafts Shop.

May is the time when results really begin to show. The pleasure of being in a well-stocked, colourful and fragrant garden is really apparent, and if the weather is warm enough even swimming may be possible for those of us who are hardy enough, although the water will still be about 20 deg.C.

Named after the frosty trio of saints, St Mamert, St Pancrace, and St Servais, whose Saint days are respectively May 10th, 11th, and 12th, the expression ‘Saints de Glace’ describes a sudden return of freezing weather in late spring, which can catch us all unawares, just when we think fthat summer is on its way!

We’re talking stingers again! Despite being maligned and feared by many, hornets are far less hostile than so-called ‘social’ wasps – at least towards us humans. Some hornet lovers label our native European species ‘gentle giants’. But we also have Asian hornets in the PO. How do they differ and what’s the problem with them? Lesley McLaren explains.

Fiona Sass and Cindy Guilbert have much in common. They both live in the High Vallespir….and they both have a passion for edible and medicinal weeds and wild plants.

Did you know that the only village in the P-O with a zero National Front vote in the 2017 elections was Casefabre in the Aspres, with its 40 population strong? Situated at 11 kilomètres from Ille-sur-Têt, tiny Casefabre boasts just a few short and narrow streets and a pretty church. Blink and you’ll miss it.

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