Wednesday 3rd March

Well, I was intending to start March by informing the world that spring has sprung in the PO but it’s totally wazzing down today and along with the rain, we have had a catalogue of catastrophes which have made me wonder if I am getting my comeuppance for enjoying life a little bit too much. First Olivier’s car went into the garage and we received a devis of over 3000 for repairs. Then as I set out in the pouring rain to take Dad to the chemist, my car wouldn’t start so we had to call the ‘assistance’ and have it towed away and it is now sitting in a garage in Maureillas all on its lonesome. And finally, to add insult to injury, our rather expensive and not very old at all maxi size flat screen telly has just gone! Yes. Gone. And not with the wind <br>More tomorrow.

Monday 8th March

Wow ! The snow is up to my waist (so a good two feet) and with the added ingredient of thunder and lightening and a stiff breeze which is just beginning to whip itself into a bit of a frenzy, and flakes the size of a two euro coins swirling gleefully, the PO is snowed in up to its treetops! Very pretty, a little on the chilly side but not freezing, and definitely not a great situation to be in when you have a very active Dad staying with you!
Her Royal Hairiness has been out once to create yellow snow, and was immediately up to her furry ears. Olivier had to pick her up and carry her back in. The first photos were taken around midday – since then it has snowed steadily and doubled in depth! We have just been out and done some falling over backwards into the snow and screaming hysterically. Well, I have. I don’t recommend falling into the snow forwards though or you’ll squash your nose. Well, I did.

And believe it or not, the action shot of Stinkydrawers (you may well know her as Her Royal Hairiness but she had scrambled egg for breakfast so had to be swiftly renamed) on the beach at Saint Cyprien was taken just yesterday! From two feet of sand to two feet of snow in 24 hours. What an amazing planet we live on – and it’s true – it is round. I know cos I just fell off the edge when I tried to get out to the post box! In compensation for a sore nose and a bruised bottom, I was obliged, yes obliged, to eat two large triangles of flan (custard tart to the linguistically challenged) one and a bit flakes donated by thoughtless friends, and Olivier and Lulu are now making pancakes which we intend to eat in front of the new telly (bought chez Expert at Le Boulou on Saturday after the not-very-old-at-all-but-extremely-expensive-one-from-Conforama was pronounced too expensive to repair! Lucky for us that Dad is here! I’m still young enough to persuade him to take me out shopping!
And the poor mimosa – I feel so sad for it. Just yesterday it was bright yellow, standing proud and fluffy, and today it is puffing and panting, and straining under the weight of the snow. Stand strong, o golden fluffy ones!
Organised Olivier into starting the decorating of our house last week. It is only five years since we considered it. Have painted everything sunshine yellow and nobody likes it apart from me. Doh! Here he is after rubbing down the ceiling? All white mate? Promised him I wouldn’t put this awful photo of him into my diary, but it serves him right for taking five years to get round to rubbing down the ceiling!!

Thursday 18th March
Let the photos speak for themselves!

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