Wander around the vicinity of Le Boulou’s old Mairie (arguably this architecturally-underrated town’s most appealing quarter) and you’ll come across a delightful whimsy on the side of a nearby village house. The scene is of a cat on a window ledge and from a distance you’re really not quite sure. It’s not until you get nearer that you can be certain it’s a trompe l’oeil – that most charming of deceptions.

With quaint, cobbled streets, pretty squares, lively shops, restaurants, and bars, and art and music museums, there is certainly enough temptation to hang around the town, but there is plenty going on around and about too.

Dina Vierny – Maillol’s Muse Born in Kishinev, in what is now Moldova, in 1919, Dina Vierny and her family moved to France where young Dina became model, muse and platonic companion for artist Maillol,…

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