One of their great writers, Jean de La Fontaine, produced French versions of fables, in verse and with illustrations. There are twelve volumes, with stories such as The Ant and the Grasshopper, told with elegance, wit and verve, in simple French which is usually easy to understand today. Each teaches a lesson about our relationships with society.

The summer exhibition at Collioure’s Musée d’Art Moderne displays 40 works by Henri Vergé-Sarrat and Rolande Déchorain. Rolande, 18 years his junior, was first Henri’s pupil and then his wife. In love with each other and Collioure, the couple visited the quiet fishing port at various times during the 1930’s.

With quaint, cobbled streets, pretty squares, lively shops, restaurants, and bars, and art and music museums, there is certainly enough temptation to hang around the town, but there is plenty going on around and about too.

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