Did you know that the word ‘apéritif’ comes from the Latin ‘aperire’ meaning to open or uncover? As it is typically served before a meal to whet the appetite, (as opposed to a ‘digestif’, which is served at the end of a meal to aid digestion), it opens both appetites and a bottle or two.

Vous or Tu? Wherefore art thou Romeo? Tu and vous – which ‘you’ two yous? Did you know that English is now one of the only languages without an equivalent to the “tu-vous” distinction in…

Mon père était fonctionnaire et ma mère ne faisait rien non plus. Colluche – French comedian and actor, famous for his irreverent sense of humour (fonctionnaire – civil servant  non plus – either) ….. a…

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You know how it is don’t you? When someone asks a question you’ve had a hundred times already in the last month. It’s at a dinner party and you have to somehow resist the overwhelming urge to stab them in the eye with your fork. That’s how it was immediately after we returned to the UK after eleven years in the PO. That question? “So, what made you come back then?” Arrrgggghhhhhh!!!!

Dubbed as the French Elvis, with leather biker jackets, husky voice, craggy face, wide boy swagger, little boy smile, Johnny Hallyday, known simply as ‘Johnny’, has left us.

In time honoured French tradition, the firemen and public service providers may soon be knocking at your door to offer you their Christmas calendar. Christmas tipping for the postman, (facteur) rubbish collectors ( éboueurs) and firemen ( sapeurs-pompiers) in exchange for a Christmas calendar, is always advisable to ensure smooth post delivery, rubbish collection or house-fire help.

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