As usual, PO Life brings you walks, restaurant reviews, recipes, airport news, French and English language exercises, silly jokes, days out…… and a host of talented guest writers who have volunteered (or been volunteered) to be your personal guides around the region.

Brexit doom and gloom has pushed many British residents in France to apply for a carte de séjour but did you know that you must still have a valid passport (or ID card) to travel to any European country other than France?

Historically, French culture has tended to be more tolerant of infidelity than Anglo-Saxon countries, and French men are traditionally very confident in their own sex appeal- but the-times-they-are-a-changing!

Gourmet delights and fine wines are not confined to Paris’s grand avenues, Dijon’s cobbled lanes, Lyon’s Burgundian core or Bordeaux’s Garonne quais. Surrounded by vines, orchards and Canigou’s high wild windswept pastures, the soft Mediterranean…

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