Look out for changes to the ‘contrôle technique’ from May 2018, in an attempt to make the French equivalent of the MOT more thorough and prevent unroadworthy vehicles from taking to the roads legally.

The PO has swapped flags for hundreds of year as kith and kin battled over the region’s riches. . Taking a few moments to talk to the neighbours can help us enjoy the region we love.

As usual, PO Life brings you walks, restaurant reviews, recipes, airport news, French and English language exercises, silly jokes, days out…… and a host of talented guest writers who have volunteered (or been volunteered) to be your personal guides around the region.

Did you know that the word ‘apéritif’ comes from the Latin ‘aperire’ meaning to open or uncover? As it is typically served before a meal to whet the appetite, (as opposed to a ‘digestif’, which is served at the end of a meal to aid digestion), it opens both appetites and a bottle or two.

Vous or Tu? Wherefore art thou Romeo? Tu and vous – which ‘you’ two yous? Did you know that English is now one of the only languages without an equivalent to the “tu-vous” distinction in…

Mon père était fonctionnaire et ma mère ne faisait rien non plus. Colluche – French comedian and actor, famous for his irreverent sense of humour (fonctionnaire – civil servant  non plus – either) ….. a…

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