Under the current confinement restrictions, dining sur place is no longer an option but you can still enjoy tasty, chef-prepared cuisine, and support our local restauranteurs, by ordering dishes à emporter. It’s a win-win situation! P-O Life reader, Peter Spencer from le Boulou, has very kindly compiled a list of restaurants offering take-away and/or delivery services.

Walnuts contain protein, omega 3, fatty acids, vitamin E, B complex and minerals. They are said to be brain food – well they look like little brains, don’t they? – and studies suggest they can ward off Alzheimer’s, lower cholesterol and protect against heart disease and diabetes.

The fruits of the arbousier can be eaten fresh, but don’t have much flavour, unless you want to make “medronheira” (strawberry tree firewater), a Portuguese brandy…but the kaki chutney is delicious.

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