The rich and varied historical heritage of Catalonia means that the Pyrénées-Orientales is a region steeped in tradition. Festivals and regular events, many of them having their origins in the distant past, serve both to unify Catalan society and give visitors and inhabitants a reason to celebrate.

Live music, dancing, street parades and entertainment, accompanied by singing and laughter, are a tremendous part of the charm of Catalonia. The agricultural diversity of the region and the tendency of the Catalans to celebrate everything means that there are festivals for wine, bread, mushrooms, apples, olives, potatoes, the harvest, stock-rearing, fish and fishermen, patron saints …….. just to name a few, all helping to shape and maintain the identity of Catalonia for future generations.  Browse the list below to find out more.
The national anthem of Catalonia is Els Segadors (The Reapers). Another popular national song is “El Cant dels Ocells”, which became an unofficial national anthem under the years of Franco’s oppression.

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