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Printemps de l’Aspres

The region’s best music festival without exception. We fervently hope it will be allowed to proceed as Yves and Odile have released details and prices for this year’s program. Six concerts nicely paced from 1st May to 1st June.

Jazz, Blues, Cuban, Hawaiian Swing and an opportunity to sample some fabulous wines under the stars at some of the region’s best wineries. Keep up to date here.


It was not all fun and games, earlier in the week it was admin. Photocopying, collating and scanning as we would like to secure a prize more precious than amber or myrrh: a pass for the déchetterie, though with the new regime it may not be of much use.

The new wifi printer makes the process a dream,  Robyn is an administration whizz, has all the relevant docs electronically ready to be spat out and bundled up at the push of a button.



Exchange sessions Tuesday and Wednesday this week. Conducted at a distance of course. The general conversation portion covered everything from the price of fish to the efficacy of face masks. It was agreed the former was too high, apparently the latter were useless.

Then it was more pronunciation exercises as we continued our Agatha Christie mystery. Its slow going but we are making progress.

french computer

Top Tip

We know we can’t touch buttons, open doors, shake hands or touch our faces… so what to do? I’ve taken to having a pencil and eraser in a  pocket at all times. Lift and pedestrian crossing buttons can be pressed. Door can be pushed open. ATM PIN numbers can be entered and you can write with it.


Spanish omelette, sunny side up

This dish is an easy Sunday night refresher or a stylish dinner party performer.

Arrange ¼ inch slices of  cleaned unpeeled potato in the base of a metal handled frying pan or a pan with a removable handle. A La Buyer style pan is perfect. The frying pan must not have a plastic handle. Cover with water. Add a good dash of olive oil, a pinch of thyme and simmer until most of the water has disappeared and the potato is soft and has some colour.

Arrange pieces of ham on top of the potato, then add a layer of mild sliced cheese. Heat until the cheese starts to soften, not melt. You want it to be a layer.

Turn the oven grill on.

Allowing three eggs  per person beat them well in a separate bowl. Get plenty of air into them. Increase the heat of the pan slightly then pour the eggs into the pan. Manipulate the pan to ensure the eggs flow down and around the layers.

Roughly chop parsley or a leafy green such as spinach or silver beet and scatter on top. Season.

Allow the omelette to cook on a low heat on the hot plate. As soon as the base forms place the entire pan under the grill. You may have to alternate between the hotplate and grill to get the top tall and golden and the base firm.

Perhaps with a little more oil ease the omelette on a plate with the tanned top on display. A small green salad works well, of course accompany with a small glass of light dry white wine or why not try a light red.


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