Staying at Home with Tony Goodman


Sitting on the terrace just on sunset, a small mid-week weight glass in hand we were entertained by twenty of so what we initially though were some type of evening swallow. Darting about as the rain cleared. However, on closer observation it became obvious bats were about.

Chauve-souris translates as bald mouse which is a bit of a mystery, no doubt someone knows why. Regardless we enjoyed their acrobats as they swooped and twisted feasting on midges and other tasty treats before the same feasted on us.

bat tony


Wednesdays are becoming our opera moment. This week it was San Francisco Opera’s Aida. Pavarotti’s Ramdames is the smitten, Welsh soprano Margaret Price is the relevant lass. An almost Latin slim Luciano was at the peak of his prime when this was produced. Big event opera. Watch the sound levels on the HMV, when he gets into stride speakers can evaporate, faithful hounds may depart for parts unknown and fine crystal may shatter.

One World Together was astounding. To see and hear so many artists of every genre supporting health care workers nourished the soul. No favourites they all deserve a gold star. They will no doubt inspire many lounge room rockers and crooners to tune up and entertain the family.

Unfortunately we’ve received news the Festival Printemps de L’Aspre won’t proceed. No surprise really and probably for the best. However all is not lost, the intention is to present the same line up next year. Once we are allowed out we will catch up to Odile and Yves, share a verre and confirm their intentions.

one world together tony
One World Together At Home – 18th April 2020

Film noir

Bunco Squad (1950) Spirited swindlers are no match for a the hard charging hats of the fraud squad. The mystic miscreants had clear plans for Joan Dixon and her fortune, pity their crystal balls didn’t tell them their fortune.  Fox skin wraps and pearls wearing grieving widows. Then catch Joan again in Roadblock (1951) : a classic. The whirlwind plot of smoking hot gals, hot smoking guns and dusty Arizona. True love trumps dirty deeds at the end.


We venture forth on foot two or three times a week to replenish the larder. During our expeditions we are finding local stores and traders shamefully we were not aware of. Apart from long standing traders we are finding new small stores offering basics are popping up in long shuttered premises. Great to see.


Market day

Each week our revamped market gets better and better. Existing merchants have returned, new traders are appearing. Well regulated to comply with the regulations it’s a welcome outing. To ease the queues the plan is to organise a system to pre-order via a newsletter listing contact details of all traders.

tony tangerines market

Fast paëlla for two

Chicken fillets, a few slices of chorizo and a few cooked prawns is all you need.

Peel and clean the prawns before putting aside in the fridge.

Slice and dice a medium onion and lightly fry in a large frying pan until the slices are translucent. Dice a few slices of chorizo and fry until the colour appears. Dice two or three chicken fillets into bite sized pieces and add to the chorizo. Don’t hard fry the chicken, keep it tender.

Once cooked, add the prawns, a handful of peas and fold in the cooked rice (see below). Cook for a further 3-5 minutes and its good to go.

Decorate with a few slices of green onion shoots or parsley and a few lemon quarters.

Cooking the rice – Absorption method

Put  1/3 cup of rice and about a cup of water, the actual amount will vary with the variety of rice. Add saffron for colour and stir to get a uniform colour.

Lid on, bring the water to boil then turn off the heat and set aside with the lid on. The rice will absorb the water surprising quickly.

Once cooked lightly fluff the rice with a fork.

paella tony

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