Cosega Search (The Cosega Sequence Book 1), Brandt Legg

By Natasja Hellenthal


Ripley Gaines, a brilliant archeologist, has spent his life searching for an elusive artifact to prove his controversial theory. What he finds is beyond imagining. It unleashes a mystery older than recorded time, rewrites human history, and promises to change the planet’s future.

It must be suppressed.

The most powerful forces in the world align against him, and a deadly competition for the artifact ensues. Capturing Gaines is not enough–everyone who has seen the artifact must be killed. His only hope is to stay alive long enough to decode the Cosega Sequence.

Dig far enough into the past . . . you may just discover the future.


Cosega Search by bestselling action-adventure thriller author, Brandt Legg, was a real surprise to me. I don’t usually read thrillers as they normally contain too much violence, but I had seen the Davinci Code by Dan Brown and the two other movies for its mystery elements and grew up with the Indiana Jones movies.

Cosega is the first in a terrific series. It’s a thought-provoking blend with a similar feel to it, but it surpasses both by far. It’s a fast-paced, action-packed adventure novel with a few murders but nothing graphic and kept me turning the pages.

The main character is archaeologist, Rip Gaines, who comes up with the Cosega theory which in Native-American means “before the beginning of time”, a theory that human history predates creationism and evolution.

Ever since Gaines has published his theory, the Church has been developing a plan to discredit him. When he finally discovers an artifact that potentially proves his theory and fundamentally challenges everything we thought we knew about history and science in an archaeological site in Virginia, he finds himself caught in a conspiracy that involves both the government and the Vatican and those hired by both to get the artifact called the Eysen and kill Rip.

Brave journalist Gale Asher is intrigued by the find and the Cosega theory and she gets caught up. Both end up on the run through New Mexico whilst Rip and Gale are trying to decode the Cosega Sequence broadcasted by the mysterious Eysen, which means “to hold all the stars in your hand”, a several million years old spherical holographic computer. Who can they trust along the way?

The novel is a unique take on the “our history is not what it seems” concept which reads like a true story more than fiction as it is actually based on what has happened in our past if you take into account the numerous ancient scrolls, bones, aliens remains, spaceships and megalithic sites “the powers that be” have tried to cover up and killed for, and what could happen again, if such an ancient technological artifact would be found.

I especially loved the profound “Clastier” papers and thought this an insightful addition to the story. The author has done his research well!

Because of the great storytelling, profound plot, and likable characters I got drawn in from the start and have also just finished book two!



Natasja Hellenthal is a bestselling published author of ten novels to date. Based in Maureillas, she writes thought-provoking, speculative fiction and has started her own book cover design company, Beyondbookcovers.

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