Electricity and gas for sale

Since the 1st July, 2007, the EDF and the GDF no longer have the monopoly on gas and electricity in France. The consumer is able to shop around for cheaper services in the private sector.

EDF prices were fixed by the state (until 2010) but they brought out a new set of tarifs libres or private prices. Consumers will remain with the EDF (on the state regulated tariffs) by default, unless they actively seek out cheaper electricity. It seems that this is to be a choix irréversible in other words, clients who chose to leave the EDF cannot later go back to the state regulated prices if they have a change of heart!

Check out www.energie2007.fr for more info (in French only). This site will tell your rights as a consumer, traps to avoid, model letters to send to change electricity suppliers, a forum to discuss other electricity companies.

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