Virelangue (tongue twister) Repeat rapidly at least three times Ces seize chats savent chanter 1. Match up the useful sayings 1. Something’s not quite right. 2. Heads or tails? 3. I always keep my word..…

Un plaquage – a tackle
Une mêlée – a scrum
Une touche – a lineout
Une essai – a try

Une transformation – a conversion
Un demi de mêlée – a scrum half
Un demi d’ouverture – a fly half or stand-off half
Un avant – a forward
Un arrière – a fullback
Un ailier – a winger
Un arbitre- a referee

Don’t be part of the furniture with this useful vocab from LOGIAL in Le Boulou ♣ Sommier – Bed slats or base ♣ Matela – Mattress ♣ Oreiller – Pillow ♣ Traversin  –  bolster cushion…

Language tip! Attention ! Ces mots ne changent pas dans le pluriel en anglais advice – conseils clothing – vêtements furniture – meubles rubbish – déchets, ordures
homework – devoirs

Having trouble choosing your fish supper? Port Vendres Fish market, or the fish counters of major supermarkets as well as most fish shops will certainly have a few of the following fish….

  www.paulwright Paul Wright recently visited Perpignan and toured this part of France, where he stumbled on the Fête des vendanges at Banyuls-sur-Mer and obtained some great photos of the jazz bands on the beach!…

The History of the Catalan Language Whilst many believe the Catalan language to be of Spanish origin, it  actually developed independently out of Vulgar Latin spoken by the Romans who colonised the Tarragona area, forming…