Horsing Around

Horse Riding

OK, so you have at least one ‘horse addict’ in the family who needs her horse riding fix, but what about the rest of you? ‘Rando et Chariot’ near Argelès-sur-Mer has the solution for everyone to enjoy an unforgettable day out with well-behaved, affectionate horses.

From complete novice to experienced rider, all can enjoy the 2 hour ride and the ‘Petite Journée’ (9am-3pm) which has the unique highlight of a swim in the river with your horse. There are 2 qualified guides who take each ride, so while your sturdy steed gently plods along the riverbank, the adventurous members of the group can go canter crazy!

Experienced riders can enjoy an all day trek each Friday, following the trails along the river to the beach, and live the dream of swimming in the sea, at one with the horse.

For a complete change of pace, why not take a gentle chariot ride? Meander through peach orchards and vineyards with a visit to the Château Villeclare, and savour the mouth watering fruit that surrounds you.

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Rando et Chariot,
Chemin d’Ortaffa,
Near Argelès-sur-Mer


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