Can’t wait for the Jazzèbre Festival in autumn?
No problem!

Everyone’s favourite French zebra, the Jazzèbre, makes an annual autumnal appearance in the P-O in September and October (check here for festival details). However, if that simply doesn’t satisfy the jazz itch, fear not! Jazzèbre events also run throughout the rest of the year too!

Here's a taster of what 2018 has in store...

The season continues with more fabulous events across the region.

Thursday 22nd March, 8.30pm / Maison de l’étudiant, Université de Perpignan


Zylia presents a repertoire full of emotion, movemet and energy, where improvisation takes centre stage. Combining traditional and modern jazz with trip-hop and acid electro influences, this is avant-garde jazz at its best.

Tuesday 27th March, 8.30pm / Eglise des Dominicains, Perpignan
The Como Mamas


In the village of Como, Mississippi, inhabitants eat, sleep and breathe gospel. Quintessential representatives of their town, and the genre, the Como Mamas are also members of the Music Maker Relief Foundation, helping to protect and promote traditional musicians.

Thursday 5th – Saturday 7th April, 9pm / Perpignan
Les Frénétiques


Lovers of new sounds, atypical musical adventures and moments of pure festive joy, these 3 days are for you! Combining South African trance, gravelly blues, traditional Columbian music and rock, Jazzère is proud to invite you on this wild, journey of musical discovery. Thursday night at El Médiator 13€. Friday night at the Centro Espagnol 12€. Saturday night at Vinochope 12€.

Tuesday 17th April, 7pm / Cinéma Castillet, Perpignan
Ciné-Musique autour de la Rumba


Screening of El Gran Gato, a film that pays homage to the great composer and singer, Javier Patricio “Gato” Pérez. With footage of various artists performing his songs and anecdotes from his closest friends, gain an intimate insight into the man who brought Catalan rumba to the world. Followed by a concert and a picnic (bring your own hamper, drinks provided).

For info and reservations contact:

Maison Jazzèbre
18 rue Ramparts Villeneuve
66000 Perpignan

04 68 51 13 14

Be sure to check back regularly as there’s plenty more what that came from!

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