Can’t wait for the Jazzèbre Festival in autumn?
No problem!

Everyone’s favourite French zebra, the Jazzèbre, makes an annual autumnal appearance in the P-O in September and October (check here for festival details). However, if that simply doesn’t satisfy the jazz itch, fear not! Jazzèbre events also run throughout the springtime too!

With summer just around the corner, this is your last chance to dose up on jazz before the team turns their attention to the 2018 festival.

Here's a taster of what 2018 has in store...

Wednesday 16th May, 12pm / Médiathèque, Perpignan
Une heure avec Didier Ithursarry


If you fancy testing your French, try this free, intimate session with accordionist, Didier Ithursarry. Over the course of an hour, he will talk about his major influences, his relationship with his instrument and his journey from the Basque country to the Orchestre national de jazz Barthélemy and on to becoming one of the biggest names in jazz.

Friday 18th May, 8.30pm / Casa Musicale, Perpignan
Concert Christophe Monniot / Didier Ithursarry / Elodie Pasquier / Aloïs Benoit


Christophe Monniot : Saxophones (alto, baryton, sopranino)
Didier Ithursarry : Accordion
Elodie Pasquier : Clarinette
Aloïs Benoit : Trombone

Fresh from a 4 day residency, Christophe Manniot returns with a new acoustic quartet. This latest adventure sees 3 woodwind virtuoses surround a world-renowned accordionist for a repertoire that defies generations, genres and expectations! Atypical to say the least, their particular take on jazz is inspired by a shared passion for chamber music.

For info and reservations contact:

Maison Jazzèbre
18 rue Ramparts Villeneuve
66000 Perpignan

04 68 51 13 14

Be sure to check back regularly as there’s plenty more what that came from!

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