Can’t wait for the Jazzèbre Festival in autumn?
No problem!

Everyone’s favourite French zebra, the Jazzèbre, makes an annual autumnal appearance in the P-O in September and October (check here for festival details). However, if that simply doesn’t satisfy the jazz itch, fear not! Jazzèbre events also run throughout the year too!

Here's how spring shaped up...

Still to come...

Saturday 28th July, 7pm, Monastir del Camp

In the magnificent setting of the Monastir del Camp near Passa, saxophonist, Julien Lourau and the Jazzèbre team have together created an African jazz road trip that’s sure to delight.

The Senegalese percussionists and singers of Ngueweul Rythm, fresh from Dakar, will open the evening with a performance in and amongst
the audience before taking to the stage. They will then give way to the Ethiojazz group Akalé Wubé, with charismatic Ethiopian singer Girma Béyéné joining them to close out the set.

A beautiful, and unusual snapshot of Africa under the Roussillon stars.

Tickets available online here.

For more info contact:

Maison Jazzèbre
18 rue Ramparts Villeneuve
66000 Perpignan

04 68 51 13 14

Be sure to check back regularly as there’s plenty more what that came from!

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