Musée des Instruments, Céret

If you are interested in music, or a musician yourself, this museum is not to be missed.

Housed in the former St. Pierre Hospital, next to La Capelleta, Céret’s Museum of Instruments and Music is an extensive and fascinating collection of all imaginable types of musical instrument. Dramatic lighting, photos and video clips, the evocative background sounds of music and everyday life, a colourful backdrop of headdresses, crafts, toys, fabric, and jewellery all serve to bring the highly innovative and eclectic collection of instruments to life.

Two primary collections displayed in a series of rooms on two floors (lift available) showcase more than 300 Catalan instruments gathered over the past several decades as well as an astounding collection of instruments from Eurasia, North Africa, and Central America, oboes being the centrepiece.

MúSIC does not represent the music performed in guilded opera halls or acoustically-designed spaces for symphony orchestras but that of ordinary and extraordinary people, used to celebrate day-to-day life, ease death, fill in the spaces of loneliness in remote pastures, and blend into the cacophony of clanking and clanging in crowded marketplaces. It’s the real deal.

Céret museum of music

Musée des instruments Céret
14 rue Pierre Rameil 66400 Céret
T (33) 04 68 87 40 40

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