Had a recent stay in hospital?

Any patient who been hospitalised for at least 48 hours, involving any medical activity, surgery and obstetrics, is  now able to give an online opinion on hospitals and clinic in France.

Patients should now be asked for their email address upon admission, and receive an email proposing the satisfaction questionnaire within two weeks of their discharge. They can answer the 10 minute questionnaire anonymously.

It covers…..

♦ reception
♦ patient care (information, waiting times, respect for privacy and confidentiality, pain management …);
♦ Room and meals (single or double room, comfort, cleanliness and temperature of the room, quality food, variety of dishes …)
♦ the organisation of departure
♦General opinion on hospital stay.
For more information, contact 0800944955 (free call service) or send an email to the HAS (contact@e-satis.fr).

The results, published later in the year, institution by institution, will be available on the website www.scopesante.fr.

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