UPDATE: December 6th '22

The French Prime Minister, Elisabeth Borne, has just announced a further subsidy in 2023  of 100 euros per car owner for the 10 million drivers with limited means who need their car to go to work and are struggling to pay fuel costs.

This “”Indemnité carburant” will take the form of a one off payment at the beginning of the year and will be implemented from the beginning of 2023 .

The subsidy will replace the discount at the pump, reduced from 30 to 10 euro cents per litre in mid-November and fading away to nothing by the end of the year.

It is estimated to work out at approximately 10 cents per litre for people traveling 12,000 kilometres per year, adding up to a massive one billion euros.

Have you noticed that you’re not paying quite as much when you fill up your tank?

To claim your ‘indemnité’, visit  www.impots.gouv.fr,  enter your ‘numéro fiscal’, your number plate and sign a sworn statement saying that you need your car to go to work and you will receive 100 euros directly into your bank account”. Sounds very simple! 🙂

The government rebate of €0.18 per litre on fuel was extended to €0.30 until the end of October 2022 to help out with the massive rise in the price of fuel.

From 15th November, the rebate will be reduced from 30 to 10 centimes per litre and then discontinued after 31st December, though other subsidies may be available.

Watch out for big queues at petrol stations as people squeeze every last drop out of the pump before the price rise!

Don’t all rush out at once!


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