with Fiona Warren

The Languedoc Roussillon region really does have it all; great weather, beautiful beaches – not to mention being the biggest wine producing region in the world!

That’s why so many of us choose to live here, and also why so many decide to set up in business letting properties for holidays and long term rental. There is always a high demand for quality holiday properties in the Pyrenees Orientales – hardly surprising given its proximity to great beaches, snowy mountains and a cheeky little visit to Spain or Andorra. For those reasons many people recognise there is the opportunity to run a successful business, be it Gite/Villa rental or chambre d’hôtes….

However, getting into the holiday rental business does pose certain challenges – one of those being how to receive payments in a way that will be beneficial and inexpensive for both owner and renter!

Currencies Direct have been helping clients save money on their international transfers since 1996 and processing holiday payments is one of the ways they can help save you money….

For example, if you are a villa owner in France and have a client in the UK who wants to pay you in Sterling, of course you want to receive your money in Euros. Simple! Refer them directly to Currencies Direct who will take them through a very quick and easy registration process (this is a mandatory requirement as Currencies Direct are a fully regulated company)…

Once your client is registered with Currencies Direct all they have to do is tell their Currency Dealer how much they need to pay in Euros, CD will tell them the cost in Sterling, the client confirms they want to go ahead with the transfer and voilà, that’s it!

The client will give CD the details of the account to send their payment and all they have to do is make a straightforward transfer of sterling to the UK based CD sterling account and there is no charge for this service! Furthermore once the client has set up an account with CD they can use it as often as they need – so this year they may book a villa in the Languedoc, next year perhaps a farmhouse in Tuscany or a villa in Florida……wherever they go they can use CD to pay for their holiday, saving money and time!


Fiona Warren
Regional Coordinator – Pyrenees & Roussillon

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