SCAM ALERT : fake emails from the gendarmes

Yet another scam which continues to do the rounds so be on your guard.

This time, it’s a phishing campaign- emails that try to access your personal data in a bid to commit ID fraud – seemingly from the gendarmerie.

National police forces are alerting the public to the fact that these emails are carrying the logos of not just the gendarmerie, but also the ministère de l’Intérieur and the République française.

Ostensibly signed by the directeur général of the gendarmerie, the emails claim that the recipient has been caught accessing child pornography sites and is soon to be added to the sex offenders list… unless they explain themselves in reply to the email.

Of course, your reply will need to include all of your personal data so that the ‘gendarmerie’ can innocent you. Do not be fooled. This is a scam.

If you receive this or any other suspicious emails, do not reply or transfer the email to anyone else. You should block the sender and alert the authorities using the dedicated online portal.

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