TILT Festival

Opening today and running through to Sunday, TILT Festival in Perpignan is a sensory whirlwind for the young, and the young at heart!

You may have already seen the article that we posted on the TILT Festival a few weeks ago, but perhaps you wrote it off as “something for the kids”? Well, keep an open mind and read our interview with artistic director, Julien Bieules… you might just be pleasantly surprised!

Julien, what can visitors expect from the 2017 TILT Festival?

Although the overall theme for TILT is, of course, electronic music, it’s such a broad term that in fact what visitors can expect can only be described as diversity!

Sounds interesting! What’s on the menu?

Well tonight, for example, is all about the funk! The festival will open from 7.30pm, outside on the terrace, with 2 DJing world champions: DJ Fly and DJ Netik. Have a bite to eat from the food truck, grab a cold beer and enjoy some sunny, funky hip-hop vibes.

Then as night falls, the party will move inside with a 2 hour DJ set in homage to the biggest label in French electronic music: Ed Banger.

Ed Banger?

Ed Banger is an iconic label that, over the past 20 years, has nurtured some huge acts, including Daft Punk and Mr Oizo. It is recognised as a leading player in the industry. Tonight, the founding father, Busy P, will be joined behind the decks by two of the label’s finest, Para One and Boston Bun, for a night of funky, happy beats; perfect for dancing!

Local artist, Art of Tones, will also be performing tonight. What can you tell us about him?

Perpignan-born but internationally renowned! He’s regularly number 1 on international electro platforms and plays a hectic schedule of sets all over the world. He leads an artistic double life too. Under the title of Art of Tones, his music is more funk based. Under his real name, Ludovic Llorca, he dabbles more in electro jazz and groove. A solid all-rounder!

And what will tomorrow bring?

Tomorrow is all about experimental music. We’re stepping off the beaten track and bringing new sounds to the stage. We’re really excited to welcome Bachar Mar Khalife, the French-Lebanese prodigal son of a seriously musical family. Represented by the innovative In Finé label, Bachar’s music is an exciting, unique combination of traditional Arabic music, jazz and contemporary electronic sounds.

Who will be joining him on the line up for Friday night?

Jacques! A really exciting artist who creates his music from sounds that he comes across in every day life: water dripping in pipes, trains passing… his maxim is that there is a hidden beauty in even the most mundane of things. Forget what you think you know about techno; each performance is live and unique, influenced by his evolving experiences and interactions with the world around him.

And if we’re still standing after all that?

Closing night, Saturday night, is an all out party. Vitalic performs a live set, full of high octane disco samples, with a stunning visual display to go with it. And Sunday is all about the kids. Barcelona-based performance artists give the classic tale of Peter and the Wolf an urban, electro makeover.

So there you have it… a rich and diverse programme for music lovers of all ages! Check out the online ticket office for prices- certain performances are free!

Maybe see you on the dancefloor!

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