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Fatal coach crash on A9 near Fitou  – two people were killed and several seriously injured when a Eurolines coach travelling between Marseille and Murcia crashed through a security barrier and skidded down the embankment, ending up on its’ side.  Enquiries are ongoing into the cause, with one driver claiming that there was an argument with one of the passengers who suddenly dragged the steering wheel, while other witnesses saying that the driver was showing signs of tiredness.


Husband/Father of missing women kills himself – Francisco Benitez, the husband and father of Marie-José and Allison who have been missing for over 2 weeks, has commited suicide.  He left a letter addressed to his brother and colleagues saying that he could not live with the suspicion and questions.  He hung himself at the foreign legion barracks where he was a recruitment officer and was found with a black scarf placed over his head – the traditional sign of a death sentence…


2 House fires in the same night – On Friday night the pompiers were called to assist when a fire broke out in a house in Saint-Laurent-de-la-Salanque.  Then in the early hours of the following morning they attended a fire on the 5th floor of a building in Perpignan where they had to rescue some residents who had taken refuge on the roof terrace.  Happily nobody was injured.


Canet Concert Cancelled – As part of Canet’s free summer concert schedule, 10,000 fans eagerly awaited the appearance of the singer Amaury Vassili.  Sadly, after 5 hours of waiting, it was announced that technical problems meant the concert had to be cancelled.


Motorbike accidents in Perpignan – a 49 year-old man died last Thursday when his bike clipped the central kerb causing him to lose control and crash into a lamp-post.  Just 3 hours later a young scooter rider was hit by a car on the road to Canet.  He was taken to hospital with serious injuries to his leg.


And finally …


Giant budgerigars living in the P-O – with such a diverse collection of native birds in the region you might be forgiven for having put the sighting or hearing of a bright green parrot down as a figment of your imagination but it has been officially confirmed by the authorities that we have several colonies of giant budgerigars living wild in the area.  With their squat green bodies (of around 45cm long) and hooked red beaks, these birds are hard to miss and have been spotted in Banyuls-sur-Mer, Prades, Le Boulou and around the coastline.  It is thought that the original birds escaped from captivity but have found the perfect home here in the P-O (like many of us)!



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