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Asparagus season may be over, but who says we can’t cheat?

For 2 people.


♥ Jar of asparagus (small dark green ones are tastiest – keep a couple of tops for decoration)
♥ 1/2 chicken cube
♥ 50 grms butter
♥ 75 grms flour
♥ 3/4 litre hot water
♥ seasoning.


Make a roux, add liquid from jar of asparagus, add sufficient hot water for 2 hungry people.

Simmer 5 mns. Chop up asparagus keeping a spot for deco. If possible pulverise them. Add to simmering water & bring to almost boiling point, stirring.

Adding a little light cream (12% or 18%) makes it absolutely sublime!

Decorate with remaining bits of asparagus. My son’s Ma-in-law drops in bits of cooked chicken but I don’t think it’s necessary. Tell your guests you picked the wild asparagus in the fields.

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