Speed limit down from 90km/h to 80km/h on some roads



Watch out for a change in the speed limit from 90km/h to 80km/h on some roads around France form June 30th 2015

Other changes in driving laws include the banning of all hands  free devices which might prevent the driver being aware of his surrounding, leaving only the  wireless bluetooth system without headset as an in-car chatting option.


☛ Young drivers will have to limit their alcohol drinking to 0.2mg/ml, a drop  from 0.5mg/ml and equivalent to one small bottle of beer.

☛ Zero tolerance on alcohol for young drivers

☛ More “double-face” speed cameras. These are the ones that flash you on both sides of the road.

☛ Tinted car windows banned

☛ Increased safety measures at pedestrian crossings

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