Take a Stroll through Fragrant Cherry Blossom

In the early 1990s, more than 2000 ‘sakura’ ornamental cherry trees were exported from Japan to the Vallespir.

Their planting along the banks of the River Tech was to commemorate the death and burial in Amélie of a Samouraï warrior, treated at the military hospital for tuberculosis.

amelie cherry blossom (2)

Symbol of the fragility of life, fleeting and delicate, these trees don’t bear fruit but their exquisite pink blossom is a joy. A walk amidst them is enchanting, even as they flutter to the ground in a grand finale known in Japan as ‘sakura snow’.

Start at the bridge opposite the casino and turn right, signposted ‘Centre Equestre’, and follow the river.
If you’ve driven, park below the village and stroll along the tree-lined avenue and back, with view of medieval Palalda above.

For a longer but still gentle walk you can head toward the riding stables through the arboretum planted on the side of the road, and follow the road as it loops back into the village.

amelie cherry blossom (2)

If you start at the car park past the Fontaine de Pagès, you will find a pleasant picnic spot, shady tables and fresh water. Bring your boules!

After that, you can either walk straight along the Carrer de la Placette through the Place de la Nation and have a coffee in the Café des Sports (check opening time beforehand) before winding your way down through the village, or turn left down the stone steps after the small car park, then right past the old olive tree and down the slope back to the river bank.

Whichever option you choose, enjoy!

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