Consultation with your doctor via Internet might soon be possible!


Doctor consultation by internet in franceDespite concerns expressed by many of the medical profession, it might nevertheless soon be possible to consult your GP via Internet with webcam – a kind of ‘teleconsultation’.

How will it work?

The patient will connect to a dedicated website and can communicate via email or webcam. If able to do so without a physical examination the doctor will then determine a diagnosis and send a prescription by email either to the patient or directy to the chemist.

How much will it cost?

The fee has not yet been fixed but it is hoped that it will not be more than the present consultation fees of 22 euros.

How will we be reimbursed?

As this practice is being brought in because of a shortage of doctors in rural areas, reimbursement may vary depending upon geographic location (full rate for areas with a shortage of doctors, lower rate for cities).

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