General Strike planned for Tuesday 12th September

The trade union, CGT, is calling for a nationwide, general strike on Tuesday 12th September to protest against the proposed reforms to the loi de travail (working regulations).

In Perpignan, the protest march, which will depart at 6pm from Place Arago, is to send a message to Macron’s government, refusing the proposed reduction in housing benefits (5€ per month) and the removal of state-subsidised work contracts.

Both the private and public sector are likely to be affected, with more organisations joining the strike as the date approaches.

At the time of writing, the following industries have already pledged support to the strike:

  • National education (state schools)
  • Public transport (you can check train disruptions 24/48h in advance here)
  • Air France pilots (Ryanair still to announce if it will be disrupted)

The following industries are likely to be affected:

  • Public services : waste collection, libraries, job centre, EDF, pompiers…
  • Private sector : banks, shops, media, tourism…

Be prepared for widespread disruption and keep informed of the latest developments here.

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