Aie aie aie!

It is believed by some that “God Save the Queen” or ‘Grand Dieu Sauve le Roi’, originated in France!

The British national anthem, it is said, was in fact written by Jean-Baptiste de Lully, Italian-born French composer, and first sung by a French girls’ school to celebrate…….. the healing of King Louis XIV’s haemorrhoids!

It was later pinched by Handel and sold to the British crown.

Anyway, true or not, here it is. Try singing it to God Save the Queen. It works!

Grand Dieu Sauve le Roi

Grand Dieu, sauvez le roi
Grand Dieu, vengez le roi
Vive le Roi
Qu’à jamais glorieux
Louis Victorieux
Voye ses ennemis
Toujours soumis.

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