International travel attestation for travellers entering France

France-SOS French flagThe French Government has published a new international travel attestation, available in English and French, which must be filled in and carried, along with ID, by anyone wishing to enter France.
The attestation can be downloaded here. (No longer available)
This attestation is currently not available in electronic form.
The British Embassy is keen to raise awareness of this document amongst UK nationals who reside in France or who may need to transit through France to get home. Cross-border businesses should also be aware.  
We also want to take this opportunity to remind British citizens that the Foreign and Commonwealth Office currently advises against all non-essential travel abroad  and stresses that UK nationals who own second homes in France should not be looking to travel to France for example. STAY AT HOME!
Lastly, the French government has strict measures in place so movement within the country is closely regulated. We advise UK nationals to follow travel advice and social media updates on @UKinFrance (Twitter and Facebook) for further information.


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