May – throughout the region

May heralds the opening of the fishing season in many of the lakes and dams in the Cerdagne and Capcir.

Keen anglers are expected to arrive in their thousands for the first weekend of the season (normally late May) which will be strictly supervised by gamekeepers and police in the region.

Fishing rights

A maximum of 8 trout of at least 23cm is allowed (30cm at Les Bouillouses)
Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday and bank holidays are the only days fishing is allowed in the majority of lakes.

The lakes of Maternale, Puyvalador, Les Bouillouses, Passet and Fontvives permit fishing throughout the week.
The lake must be 90% thawed. In fact, there is always ice on many of the lakes at very high altitude like Soubirans and Col Rouge.
The Dougnes and the Long d’en Bas have been made ‘no kill’ lakes in the past  and all fish had to be thrown back, so it is worth checking this with the local police.
Fishing is forbidden in the Combeau and the Courg negre d’Evol.

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