On 7th November 1659, the kingdoms of France and Spain signed the Treaty of the Pyrenees, which ended the 30 years war between supporters of Louis XIV of France and those of Philip IV of Spain.

The treaty resulted in a division of Catalan territory and families  between France and Spain, and a ban on speaking Catalan on French or Spanish territory
More than three and a half centuries later,  Catalans continue to defend the Catalan language and culture

Le correllengua is the support and promotion of the catalan language and culture, symbolised by the carrying of a flaming torch, the ‘Flama de la Llengua’, (Language Flame) through the catalan territories. (catalonia, Balearics, Vallencia and sardinia)

Originally a relay race held, the participants would symbolise with this gesture their commitment to the Catalan language. (Usually takes place around September.)

“Le Correllengua est un événement festif qui se déroule dans les villes de Catalogne dans le but de promouvoir la langue. C’est la “caravane de promotion de la langue catalane”.
Estève Valls 




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