Fans of Les Chevaliers du Fiel will be delighted to hear that the dippy duo are back in Port-Vendres  for a followup to Les municipaux , the  feature-length comedy about their favorite theme: civil servants!

Les Chevaliers du Fiel,  aka Eric Carrière and Francis Ginibre have just finished the filming of  a new comedy,Les Muncipaux (Trop c’est trop), inspired by their sketches.

Le Dôme - Port Vendres (credit: M Hadler)


The charming little port of Port-Vendres, (Port Roussillon) with its 280 council employees is shaken by a rumour that Monsieur le Maire and his conseil municipal is intending to cut back on council workers.

Revolt is in the air! The main union prepares for action. The  secrétaire national himself arrives for consultation with the employés municipaux…

Nothing new with the French going on strike but when the Chevaliers du Fiel are involved you can be sure it’s going to have hilarious consequences!

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