with Madeleine McMullin

Skateboarding comes to Perpignan

Perpignan is getting an immense skatepark in the middle of the Parc du Sports, designed by one of the best architects. The diggers have already started on the ground where the park will be situated in the Sports Park in the Moulin-à-Vent area of Perpignan. Stephane Flandrin the architect has designed skateparks all over Europe and states that this one is on a par with the best that are to be found in Europe, far surpassing the one in Narbonne. The goal in building the park was to allow regional and national competitions to be held in Perpignan according to Fatima Dahine, the deputy in charge of sports.

Déferlantes brings €10 into the area for every €1 spent

According to David Garcia, the creator and director of the music festival in Argeles, the festival brings €9.62 in economic benefits for every €1 of support from the local government, in addition to which there is also a lot of favourable media coverage of the area. He added however that reckless spending by the town halls in places like Le Barcares and Carcassonne has not helped the financial viability of festivals as they offer sums above market value to artists and create bidding wars. However Emmanuel Negrier was more reassuring saying that most festivals fold in the first 10 years, and Deferlantes longevity and the fact that it only has financial support of 11% when the average is 31% shows that it is in good health.

Louis Monestier, Mayor of Prades for 18 years dies

Louis Monestier died of a heart attack at the age of 97 on 10th April and was buried on 14th April. He was mayor from 1957 – 1977. He improved street lighting, got the swimming pool and lycée Charles-Renouvier built and also the hospital.

Photographer publishes fly tipping photo on Facebook

Remy Michelin, a local photographer who normally takes aerial photos has put a photo of rubbish fly tipped by his house near Perpignan along with his card for the municipal tip on to Facebook, in an attempt to shame and educate the public into stopping the practice. The photo got 1200 shares and a lot of responses, some of which said that they didn’t know that cards for the tip existed and that they would now go and get one.



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