by Caroline Hill

Judging by the amount of cars parked on pavements, across zebra crossings and on yellow lines it seems that nobody likes to pay to park – but the risk of finding a penalty notice on the windscreen or having your car towed away is extremely high.  Last year nearly 50,000 fines were issued in Perpignan alone.  Here is a guide to parking around the region (with grateful thanks to ‘La Semaine du Roussillon’ for the research):


There are 9 main Car Parks in the town, with varying tariffs & opening hours:

Parking Clemenceau – 448 Places

Parking Republique – 318 Places

Parking Wilson – 498 Places

Parking Saint Martin – 300 Places

Parking de La Gare (Cote Nouvelle Gare) – 950 Places

Parking de La Gare (Cote Ancienne Gare) – 136 Places

Parking Arago – 535 Places

Parking Catalogne – 290 Places

Central Parking – 487 Places

There are also 3 ‘levels’ of parking meter zones – the colour is indicated on the meter:

Zone Orange – 1,50euro per hour, maximum of 2 hours.

Zone Verte – 0,90 euro per hour, maximum of 2 hours

Zone Jaune – 1 euro for half-a-day, maximum of one day.

These yellow zones can be found at:

Avenue Torcatis – north entrance of Pont Joffre

Rue Pierre Dupon – along the river near Pont Joffre

Place des Esplanades – the triangular square by the military barracks

Avenue du Lycee – along Lycee Arago

Avenue Henri Ribere – by the Quai de Hanovre & the rail track

Rue Frederic Valette – between the old station and the Avenue de Grande Bretagne



Three main car parks with varying tariffs and opening hours.

There are also 2 zones of metered parking in the town centre.



Free unlimited parking in the village (except for Place Gambetta and by the Route National where the time is limited to 1 hour 30 minutes).

At the beach, parking is free in Winter.  In summer the Parking du Port will be 3 euros per day and Parking des Platanes will be 1,60euros per hour from 19h – midnight.



Free parking throughout.



Parking fees in force from 1st June to 30th September.  600 metered places (around 1 euro per hour).  There are two free car parks in the centre.



Free parking throughout – except for a Blue Zone in the village centre (Ave. Marechal Joffre) with a 20 minute time limit.



Free unlimited parking except for certain zones, i.e. outside the Mairie (15mins maximum).



There are two underground car-parks, with varying tariffs, Parking Mediterranee & Parking du Balcon du Front du Mer.

The main beachfront Parking de la Cote Vermeille is free all winter but from 15th June – 15th September there is a charge.

There is metred parking at the Port and the Market.  All other parking is free.



Most of the parking is free.  There is a Zone Bleu limited to 1 hour 30 minutes and discs can be obtained from the Mairie or the Tourist Office



Free parking throughout



Free parking throughout



5 metered parking areas around the town – but less than 300 spaces available.

Car Parks: One by the Chateau (300 spaces) and two near the Station (around 250 spaces).  Cost 1,50 euros per hour, 3,20 euros for 3 hours.  There is also a parking area below Le Stade (250 spaces) at just 2 euros for the day.



Free parking throughout – but some spaces only offer a 45 minute wait so do check.  There are also 3 car parks, with varying fees.



There is a Car Park on the main square – first hour is free, then 1 euro per hour.  There is also free parking at the station.



Free parking throughout – except for some Blue zones.



Free parking throughout – even in the car parks.  There are some Blue Zones on the main street.



Free parking throughout – except for several places around the Mairie and the central shops where there is a 15 minute time limit.



Free parking throughout



Free parking throught – except for a Zone Bleu with a one hour time limit on Avenue Joffre opposite the shops.



Free parking throughout



Car park at Place de l’Obelisque is free in winter but from 1st April to 30th September there is a charge.  There is metered parking around the Quays and two large free car parks.



There is a car park in the centre of town – the first 30 minutes is free.  There is also a Blue Zone around the town centre.



Mainly free parking except for certain metred areas – but the first hour is free.



Mainly free parking throughout except for certain ‘Blue Zones’ in the centre of the village where time is limited to one hour.



Free parking throughout



Free parking throughout



Free parking throughout – except for 20 ‘Blue Zone’ spaces with a 30 minute time limit.



Free parking throughout



Free parking throughout.


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