Port Vendres Fish Market: Goodies from the Badies


Fish lovers cannot possibly visit Port Vendres without calling in at Les Poissonneries de la Côte Catalane (La Criée), one of the largest fish markets in the western Mediterranean. On the other side of the port, just a ten minute walk from the hustle and bustle of the main, busy restaurant area, it’s well worth the detour.

Port Vendres Fish Market


Under the watchful eye of the Badie family, the former Criée, Port Vendres Fish Market ’extraordinaire’ has now opened a sparkling new Fish Shop, complete with a pearl of a panoramic Oyster Bar overlooking the bay!

With the best of all things fishy, pulled straight from the net into your plates, and new modern premises – très chic – it aims to be THE ‘adresse bistronomique’ for fish and seafood in Port Vendres.

Seafood platters to eat in or take out, oyster, seafood and wine ‘formules‘ from 10 euros and a delicious choice of fishy tapas will tempt you into the restaurant. In the shop, shelves of seafood delicacies, condiments and wines, counters of fresh fish, seafood, soups, and prepared dishes, live lobsters and langoustines…..

On the first Sunday of the month, from 11.00 a.m. until midday, don’t miss ‘l’Happy Oyster’ – described as ‘comme un Happy Hour, mais avec des Oysters!’. There are 11 different types of Oyster on the menu, selon arrivage of course (as per daily catch), so you’ll be spoilt for choice. Pay for six oysters + one glass of wine and get the second six + another glass of wine free.

Sounds fun? Pop in and enjoy.

PS Don’t forget to ask for your ‘carte de fidelité’ (loyalty card) and start collecting points!


Tel. 04 68 98 46 00
Anse Gerbal – La Criée, 66660 Port-Vendres


Fish is quick to cook and scrumptious when fresh (really fresh fish should never smell too ’fishy’) but of course, it helps to know what you’re eating! Here is some useful vocabulary to help you choose your little fishy on a little dishy!

Aigrefin/Eglefin – Haddock
Anguille (Congre) – (Conger) Eel
Bar – Sea Bass
Cabillaud/Morue – Cod/salted cod
Carrelet – Plaice
Colin/Merlu – hake
Daurade/Dorade – Bream
Espadon – Swordfish
Lotte – Monkfish
Loup – Sea Perch Rascasse – Scorpion Fish
Requin – Shark
Rouget – Red Mullet
Saint Pierre – John Dory
Seiche – Cuttlefish
vider – to gut (lit. to empty).
(court) bouillon – stock or broth
médaillon – small, round pieces (of fish/meat)
(sans) arête – (without) bones
en papillote – cooked in foil
darne – fish steak/slice
décortiqué – shelled or peeled
écailler – to scale fish

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