Can I alert people to recent attempted thefts/thefts at Carcassonne train station.

Carcassonne train station
My friend and I were almost robbed as we tried to board the train to Argeles. Another attempt was made a couple of weeks ago as I crossed the bridge after leaving the train station. Just last week a lady’s bag was stolen as she carried her bags down the stairs after disembarking the train. Thieves know where to lurk and hassled passengers are prime targets. Beware! Not a nice way to begin or end the holidays!!

When I reported it to security in the station, they didn’t seem too interested. Said it happens all the time!

A man tried to get into the back of my car to snatch my dog while I was parked near the station at the canal. It’s not a safe area to hang around. I was lucky that I saw him coming up behind me and managed to get the central locking on and drove off fast


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