Romer Kitching in Port Vendres

By Ellen Turner Hall

Port Vendres’ Pavillon des Arts is host to the maritime paintings of Romer Kitching in which  docks, boats, sky and sea  take on an immaterial aspect in the hands of this classically trained artist.

Romer Kitching in Port Vendres

In Les Rochers the waves and the rocks  seem to dissolve into each other, like a magic trick of a master illusionist. Our own  fascination with the everchanging light and shadow is reflected in another canvas where a couple gaze across the bay to the lighthouse under a mass of grey and white  clouds. Simplicity itself, a line of yellow buoys  strung across the rippling water leading toward the horizon suggests infinite space and tranquillity.

Trained at the Florence Academy of Art, Kitching  displays a mastery of colour, a love of detail , and the humanism of a Renaissance portraitist.

Romer Kitching, Céret 

His study of Baptiste depicts a man staring  dreamily off to   his right, a  basket of  bright yellow mimosa flowers  at his elbow.  The little  stem of flowers  he  fingers on the table seems to  provoke powerful  emotions. But which ones, we wonder.

To answer this and  other questions inspired by Kitching’s work, please note that guided tours are offered.

Open : From  9 to 27 August, Monday to Saturday  9h30-12h30  and 14h30-17h45

Guided visits: Adults -Thursdays at 10h, Children – Fridays 18  and 25  August  at 10h

Pavillon des Arts

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