You cannot obtain a remote control from the télépéage boutique as indicated below.

Jan West explains…..

We went to the ASF boutique today, in the Aire de Pia on the A7 going south in between Rivesaltes and Perpignan Sud.

They confirmed that ASF only deal with the Vinci télépéage, which is unique to French autoroutes. (Apparently Vinci now plan to match the dual country system – but they have been saying that since 2012!)

The dual country system is managed by SANEF marketed as Blip&Go and the bleep can only be ordered on-line.

The web site is fairly simple to navigate. However,  choose the French language rather than the English site as there are some errors in the translation which lead to confusion.

You pay a premium to get the Spanish component but so far we have been debited 18 euros which doesn’t tie up with the written price structure. Aarrgghhhh!  We will see what happens!

Be aware they need a mobile number to send an access code to activate the bank mandate.

At last – a “télépéage” remote control that can be used on both sides of the border!

From mid June, it is possible to use one remote control for both France and Spain, the payment being taken automatically out of your bank account as you sail blithely through the toll booth without stopping (more or less!)

Organised by two companies, Bip&Drive, a and Bip&Go, it has taken several years to actually get this show on the road, bringing together the Spanish VIA-T and the French Liber-T des Français.

How does it work?

When you register, you will receive a remote control ‘beeper’ to place on a bracket (also supplied) in your windscreen. As you approach the reserved lanes (orange T), reduce your speed and stop briefly. Your details will automatically be recorded, you will hear a beep, and the barrier will rise in response to a signal from your beeper. Many péages now have lanes for “Liber-T” badge holders where you do not actually have to stop, but simply slow down to 20 or 30km. It takes a bit of courage, as the barrier opens at the very last minute!

Charges are invoiced and taken from your bank or credit card account once a month, according to the rules in each country (VAT etc) and you will receive a monthly detailed invoice.

Residents of France can register on line at Bip&Go or go directly to the télépéage boutique on the motorway. If you already have the Liber-T beeper, it will cost you 12 euros TTC to change it to the new, all singing, all dancing doofer.

Check out the website for the different payment possibilities, annual or monthly, deep.

Things to think about…..

✒ Use the bleeper on all motorways in France, and Spain.

✒ Check the battery occasionally to avoid embarrassment if it doesn’t work and you have to back out (you can also use it through the manned ‘péage’ booths if the worst comes to the worst!)

✒ Put it out of sight when you are away from the car as it is a target for thieves

How to register 

*Register with ASF at the toll booth of Perpignan sud (just before Rivesaltes) taking with you a RIB (bank details), ID and proof of home address.

*Apply and register on line at Bip&Go.


Un badge télépéage – remote control
La barrière de péage – the toll barrier
Un signal sonore –a ‘beep’
Je voudrais m’abonner au télépéage – I would like to register for the télépéage
Pouvez vous m’envoyer mon badge en Angleterre (Irelande, Norvège…?) – Could you send the remote control to England (Ireland, Norway…?)

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