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Young man feared drowned at Canet – the search continues for a 24 year old man who was swept out to see while swimming near the harbour wall  Sea conditions have been extremely dangerous this week due to the high winds and the red flags banning swimming had been raised on the day of his disappearance.
Car overturns at Elne – 4 young men aged between 18 and 20 years old had to be freed from their vehicle when it flipped onto its’ roof on the route d’Ortaffa outside Elne.  They were only slightly injured and the cause of the accident is as yet unknown.
Missing beauty queen – Allison, one of the candidates to become Miss Roussillon, and her mother Marie-José Bénitez have not been seen for 20 days since they packed their bags and left the family home.  Neither their mobile telephones or their bank accounts have been used.  A forensic team has searched the family apartment where the estranged father of the family still lives, but have found no clues.
Summer fires – a fire broke out at the foot of Chateau Valmy near Argeles on Thursday.  It spread very quickly into surrounding woods and vineyards because of the strong winds and the occupants of several Mas were temporarily evacuated whilst the fire was brought under control.
Will we be drinking Lac Raho? – A feasibility study into the prospect of turning water from Lac Raho into drinking water is underway.  Each year we welcome 5000 new inhabitants into the department and our drinking water is under pressure.
Police car attacked by car thieves – when the gendarmes spotted a Renault Clio which had been stolen right under the noses of an elderly couple in the car park of a supermarket in Bompas, they gave chase.  The car, driven by minors, suddenly did a U-turn and rammed the police car and the youths then ran off.  When the police finally tracked down the young gypsies their car doors were kicked and stones smashed the windscreen, before they finally managed to arrest the youths.
New experience for the lifeguards – At Torreilles Plage last week a woman suddenly leapt up from her towel and ran towards the sea screaming.  At first everybody assumed her husband was drowning but it turned out that her pet dove had suddenly taken off and flown out to sea.  Somehow she managed to persuade 2 lifeguards to look for it, but they returned empty-handed.
And finally ….(it is always good to end with an ‘animal’ story and whilst this one is not technically a local story I am including it as it was reported in the Independent and is too good to miss)…
Man tries to take tortoise on holiday – customs officials at Canton airport were not fooled by Mr Li when they questioned him about an item he was trying to carry through security.  “It’s just my hamburger” he replied, but sharp-eyed officials spotted four legs protruding from the KFC wrapper and Mr Li was forced to continue his journey to Peking without his companion!

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