The very nature of the Pyrenees Orientales between sea and mountains means that every imaginable type of fishing can be found in the region. From fast flowing torrents in the mountains to slow relaxing rivers in the plains, from high altitude lakes to salt water lakes on the coast, from shore fishing and surf casting to deep sea fishing, the region really offers a challenging and varied days fishing for the keen angler.

Growing up between the game reserves in South Africa and the wilderness of the Australian outback, Ian Pendry discovered a love for nature early on in life. At university in Sheffield he met Angela, an international mountain bike racer and skilled ski mountaineer. The rest, as they say, is history.

At 10.00am on a beautifully clear day, we assembled at the col de Creu between Matermale and Sansa for the second of our winter snowshoe walks.
Our previous walk in the valley of Planès had been a great success so this time we had planned a bbq at the unguarded refuge les Estagnols, on the slopes of the Madres peak.

Winter is here & it’s time to have fun… in the mountains. The Pyrenees Orientales are not just about beaches, wine and rugby. Winter brings a whole array of new activities and the mountains of the P.O. are the perfect playground.

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