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Fete de Voisins
All vital or urgent important notices for our Perpignan apartments are taped to the front door of the foyer at eye level. The very smart official notice board lurks unused, unnoticed and unloved in a dark corner.

Following the latest such notice we found ourselves in a corner of the courtyard attending a Fete de Voisins gathering.

What a fantastic idea! Great fun. People we had only ever exchanged a vague nod or a bonjour became names. Youngsters running around, babies and food platters passed around. Plenty of wine and local fizz. It’s already in the diary for next year.

Its been a busy time lately, great fun. Exploring things to do, places to go and where to enjoy the occasional lunch. Pop back for more next week.

Received our invitation to the vernissage of the Rodin – Maillol Face à face exhibition at Musee Rigaud. Two of the most influential sculptors of our era. Powerful loving passionate renditions of the human form in all its glory and imperfections. Don’t rush your visit, find one or two pieces that appeal and spend time listening to what they have to say.

Le Castilllet movie theatre is a continuous source of pleasure. As well as the latest original version (VO) block busters it runs short seasons of visually satisfying movies. Movies where the story is just an excuse to show beautiful soul nourishing images n the big screen.

Final concert coming up for the Festival de L’Aspres, we have been to a few and the music has been fresh, varied and plain good fun. This week’s venue is Chateau Planères, first class jazz and wine beneath the stars or in the cellar depending on the weather.

A bit of a rant

….and a little rant……

We all love train travel; the anticipation. the generous baggage allowance….

Millions of years ago we climbed out of the trees, excitedly stood up on our hind legs and travelled forth, the same fizz you get when you stand as your train arrives at the station.

Train operators are always looking for ways to attract more passengers, thinking blinding fast trains are the solution. A train travelling at 1000 kmh full of gum chewing rap music and bellowed phone conversations? No thank you.

Instead of building faster trains why not actually slow them right down? If there is a need for speed, jump on a jet and give the earthbound a chance to peer in windows and private rear gardens, shake righteous heads as single driver cars barrel past.

Give us time to raise a glass to lycra clad lads and lasses puffing up hills, watch hawks hovering and to read something more than the safety notice above the door.

Einstein said time slows the faster you move. I’d be happy to trade any gain for a slow train anytime.

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