Another busy week.....

We love early morning beach visits. Parking, water, sand and sky are empty and clean.

Sorting out the beach gear always gives a sense of adventure. In days past we dived Sth Pacific and cold temperate reefs. We get as much pleasure visiting the fantastic beaches and stone coves we have here.

This weekend saw us at Canet Plage, water temperature was brisk but nothing breakfast at Coco Loco, Pl Mediterranean, couldn’t cure. Croissant, juice, coffee, toast and jam. (7E).

Canet beach

Arriving home Catherine had a request. She was off to Toulouse, could I water her large beloved plants with her tiny toy of a watering can. The plants prefer hand watering apparently. She may be right, her plants are healthy, pest free and blooming while ours go from blooming to blooming bug infested. Perhaps I should try talking to them in French.

As the warm weather had decided to settle in we turned on the a/c and held a language conversation session reviewing a neighbour’s Russian holiday snaps. It was very satisfying to be able to follow the commentary, discuss Russian architecture, trains, manners, love of chicken, vodka and weather. We really feel we are getting somewhere, exchange sessions really are the best way for mature students to secure confidence in French.

Seeking respite from midweek lunchtime heat we found ourselves almost alone at Musée Hyacinthe Rigaud enjoying a closer look at some of Auguste Rodin’s and Aristide Maillol’s best efforts. A chance to quietly digest the explanations in our own time, to listen to what the pieces had to say. Up close, Rodin’s musculature and Maillol’s confident female forms are powerful, mesmerising. The side by side comparison is very clever, very revealing. Fantastic, well worth making the effort to return.

Hyacinthe Rigaud Museum, Perpignan

The only time to eat a summertime gelato in summer is after sunset while strolling around town. Thursday found us wandering along Quai Vauban up Rue Louis Blanc to the bright lights of Pl de la Loge cone in hand. Two balls from the small gelato bar in Pl Arago for 7E. An absolute indulgence. The gardens along La Basse, Perpignan’s lungs, really are quite special.

Perpignan Quai Vauban

Disaster struck Saturday morning, there was much wailing and gnashing of teeth. Pleas, prayers and oaths directed at the household gods. No Internet. Man can endure many things, climb any mountain however some things are beyond the Pale. We were reduced to enjoying a walk looking at gardens, talking to neighbours about the weather as if it was 1980. Thankfully our prayers were answered by the time we returned home normal service has resumed.


Walked through town on the weekend, saw the municipal theatre fenced off, out of bounds and it appears work has ceased. Nothing new there I suppose. The city and surrounding countryside has sports fields a plenty, abounds with stadia and arenas for all things sportif which is fantastic. While we have the magnificent complex down by the river is it too much to ask a few centimes be found so the old theatre be available from time to time.


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